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Your Stay


At Hanna Boutique Hotel you will experience a ninety-year-old building that has been resurrected with a fresh spirit. This hotel has seven rooms, each of them a collection of elements from Iran and other places from around the world. The rooms have been decorated to reflect contemporary Iranian architecture and the modern lifestyle of Tehran.


The first thing you see when entering Lolagar Alley is a pair of bay windows facing each other in the middle of the street.


A quiet, tranquil space, away from clamor and commotion. You will experience a unique stay in this cozy room overlooking a wall of greenery, away from the chaos of Tehran.


This is a place for quiet and relaxation. The room has a bright corner window overlooking the Hafez Bridge. Guests can sit in this tranquil spot and look upon the hubbub on the Hafez Bridge.


Three windows letting in light turn this room into a bright space during the day. This room has views to the hotel garden, as well as the Hafez Bridge, but what makes it particularly special is the movement of light throughout the day.


From the Tāq Kasrā to the Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, and from the Mausoleum of Omar Khayyām to the Azadi Tower, the arch is an integral part of Iranian architecture. You will experience modern Iranian architecture in this room facing Lolagar Alley.


An inseparable part of travel is to experience a connection with others. Neighbors are our first layer of exposure to the city, and they may be the first people we meet and greet every morning. This room has a window overlooking our neighbor’s garden, creating our first link to the city.


The hearth is where a home’s soul resides, the warmest place in the house, a place that has found new meaning in this room in an entirely different setting.