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The restaurant at Hanna Boutique Hotel is a refuge in the heart of the city for residents of Tehran. Here you will experience an unforgettable meal alongside hotel guests from all around the world, an experience of flavors from different regions of Iran and different parts of the world. In addition to the hotel guests, this restaurant is open to anyone who wants to taste modern flavors in the center of Tehran.

Like the city itself, Tehran’s flavors are made from a combination of different elements from around the globe, flavors that are put together to create something new. Hanna Boutique Hotel’s restaurant provides a distinctive combination of Iranian and international flavors. We have created dishes inspired by food from around the world, while maintaining essential Iranian tastes and aromas. In Hanna Boutique Hotel’s restaurant you will taste new international dishes alongside uniquely Iranian flavors.


The Hanna Boutique Hotel Café is located in the lobby and terrace of a ninety-year-old house on Lolagar Alley. In this café you can spend some quiet time in the heart of Tehran, enjoying hot or cold drinks and snacks all throughout the day.