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The inauguration of Hanna boutique hotel


The inauguration of Hanna Boutique Hotel in the presence of Mounesan and Hanachi. The Consensus between the Municipality and the Cultural Heritage Organization for returning life to the center of Tehran. On the evening of February 12th, and in the presence of Ali Asghar Mounesan, vice-president and head of Cultural Heritage, Handcrafts and Tourism Organization, as well as Pirouz Hanachi the Mayor of Tehran, the city’s first boutique hotel was inaugurated in an 80-year-old building on Lolagar Alley off of Nofel Loshato Street. Ali Asghar Mounesan, head of Cultural Heritage, Handcrafts and Tourism Organization, reiterated the consensus between the municipality of Tehran and the Cultural Heritage Organization about urban rehabilitation projects and said; “There are many common points between the Cultural Heritage Organization and the municipality of Tehran on urban rehabilitation projects. This topic is the best opportunity for appropriate interventions in Tehran’s historic fabric. It is my hope that in the near future we will see good things happening in the area of urban rehabilitation in Tehran.”

Mounesan also pointed out that Hanna Boutique Hotel is a good example of the use of Iranian handicrafts in interior design, “We are very happy that instead of being torn down, this historic building was structurally reconstructed and rehabilitated using Iranian art and handicrafts. Such projects can set great examples for other urban rehabilitation projects.” Tehran’s mayor, Pirouz Hanachi, mentioned that all the city’s residents will benefit from urban rehabilitation projects, “If the private sector invests in existing valuable areas of Tehran, the city’s management systems will support them. In this way the city’s management systems will be able to retain cultural, artistic, and historic features of the city that define it.” Hanachi also mentioned that Hanna Boutique Hotel is located in one of Tehran’s most unique alleys, “This boutique hotel is different from other hotels in the city. Buildings such as this, which were designed by Tehran’s first generation of architects, are treated as tourist attractions in other parts of the world. Such landmarks can be interesting for Iranian and international tourists alike. It is the policy of the municipality of Tehran to support projects like this.” Mahsa Majidi is the founder of Hanna Boutique Hotel and principal at Persian Garden Studio. During the event she mentioned she was pleased that the project could be inaugurated at this period in Tehran and said, “It is a happy occasion that Mr. Hanachi, Tehran’s Mayor, has such great interest in urban rehabilitation. The mayor of District 11 is also in agreement with him on urban rehabilitation projects. At the same time, since most of the public buildings in Tehran’s historic districts are registered as cultural heritage, it is important that the head of the Cultural Heritage Organization is also in agreement with the rehabilitation of these projects. The concurrence of these events makes it hopeful that similar projects will be constructed in the heart of Tehran, returning life to these areas.” In speaking about the Cultural Heritage Organization she added, “This organization is composed of three parts: cultural heritage, handicrafts, and tourism. Hanna Boutique Hotel is related to all three of these parts. The building is located in an historic district within the Nasseri wall. The subject of the project is related to tourism, and we have displayed modern versions of Iranian handicrafts all throughout the building.” Building number 3 on Lolagar Alley was constructed in 1930 and is one of Tehran’s first examples of outward-looking architecture. The building was purchased by Iranian Garden Studio in 2016. One of the first steps taken in the restoration of the project was to identify every layer of this 80-year-old building. During the restoration process the designers attempted to retain every discovered layer in its original form. During the inauguration of Hanna Boutique Hotel, Tehran’s mayor, the head of Cultural Heritage, Handcrafts and Tourism Organization, Nasrollah Abadian the mayor of District 11, Ali Mohammad Saadati the mayor of District 12, Pouya Mahmoudian vice-president of handicrafts at the Cultural Heritage Organization, and other guests reviewed different sections of the project and were informed about the various efforts taken in its restoration, as well as the selection of handicrafts and art displayed in different parts of the building.


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