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Meetings & Events


Hanna Boutique Hotel is a place for collective experiences, a space for events and gatherings in the heart of Tehran. Hanna Boutique Hotel can host your meetings, lectures, artistic and cultural events, workshops, and other collective experiences in its Platform and Ab-Anbar (Cistern) spaces.


The Platform is a space located in Hanna Boutique Hotel’s basement. It can accommodate up to 35 people for various events and gatherings. With its unique design this space can give your event a particular flavor.
During the restoration process an old water cistern was discovered on the premises. The Cistern is connected to the Platform, and can be used as an auxiliary space for its events.


The multipurpose hall designed on Hanna Boutique Hotel’s rooftop is suitable for various events. This hall is one of the latest layers to be added to Lolagar Alley, and symbolizes the modern spirit and function of the hotel. The green rooftop, floor to ceiling windows, sense of privacy, as well as its modern architecture make this space a unique place for hosting different events and gatherings.


At Hanna Boutique Hotel you will enjoy a pleasant stay accompanied by high-quality, unique services that can be designed to fit your needs. We can help make your experience be exactly the way you want it.